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We say “All work. All Play.” because it’s fun, but it’s not easy. The rewards you gain are endless.

At Indy Pole Fitness, our goal is to provide a safe, non-intimidating, family-like environment. Giving everyone an opportunity to succeed is extremely important to us. We truly believe in what we do here and know that if you have the courage to walk through our doors, you’ll find it is life-changing.

Indy Pole Fitness provides various dance, fitness, and other classes to assist women of all shapes, sizes, and ages to feel good in their own skin. There are many positive reasons to give us a try…Empowering your confidence, finding the inner sex-kitten that you thought was long gone or just for the amazing workout. Each one of our classes provides you with cardio, strength and flexibility work-outs. We say “All work. All Play.” because it’s just that. It’s fun, but it’s not easy, and the rewards your gain are endless.

It’s hard to describe what we do to skeptics. There is a certain stigma to our field. Most often we’re immediately read the riot act about how stripping and exotic dance have no place in the fitness world. First off, we do not tolerate nudity of any kind in our studio. And secondly, ANY type of dance that is done with emotion is a form of expression and is beautiful to watch. For those nay-sayers out there, we suggest that they take one of our many classes and then let us know what they think.

The time has come to put a new ‘spin’ into your fitness routine.

–Melissa & Misty

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