Frequently Answered Answers

What should I wear?

  • Any special requirements for a routine will be listed in each class description.
  • For Pole classes, shorts and tanks, or less depending on your comfort level.
  • Absolutely no nudity at our studios. For safety reasons – NO lotion or oils on hands, arms or legs for Pole classes. Sorry ladies we need your skin clean and smooth and don’t want to make the poles slippery.
  • Also no jewelry (rings, watches and bracelets). We don’t want to scratch the pole or get your skin pinched!

What kind of shoes do I need to wear?

It’s all about you so wear what you’ll be comfortable in. However heels are encouraged but not required. They provide some added dimensions to the workouts and they don’t look half-bad either. ;)

Is there a weight limit?

No. Our poles are stainless steel works of beauty purchased from Lil Mynx. They are solidly and permanently anchored into the concrete below and the rafters in the ceiling.

Do I need experience?

Experience never hurts. But how are you going to get some if you don’t have any? That’s kind of our point. That’s the idea behind ‘Intro to Pole’, it’s a required class so that we’re sure you’re safe and starting your journey the right way.

What time should I arrive?

You should try to arrive 15 minutes prior because we do start and end on time.

If I don’t like the class, can I have a refund?

No refunds are given. You’ll start with an ‘Intro to Pole’ class. After that you can decide if pole is right for you.

Are your classes open to the public for observation while we are taking them?

We protect your privacy. No observers are allowed during class time. We offer public observation for different events, but not for our classes.

How many poles do you have?

We have (5) Lil Mynx permanent spinner/static poles. There’s enough poles in the space where you’re not running into the girl next to you. And there’s plenty for awesomely fun parties.

Can men attend?


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